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Aaliyah lives the absolute life. To apprehend her acquaint it, she wouldn’t change a thing. “This is what I consistently wanted,” she says of her career. “I breathe to perform, to entertain, I can’t brainstorm myself accomplishing annihilation else. I’m aloof a absolutely blessed babe appropriate now. I candidly adulation every aspect of this business. I absolutely do. I feel actual accomplished and complete.”

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It’s accurate that a adolescent woman with a beginning career in music and blur ability as able-bodied be athrill about her life. In fact, there’s annihilation added annoying than audience some baby brilliant beef about the pitfalls of success. So, while Aaliyah’s comments are refreshing, you can’t advice but admiration if things sound, well, too acceptable to be true. She speaks like a adept baby-kisser – able-bodied able and columnist savvy, like she’s account from an concealed teleprompter.

Of course, 22-year-old Aaliyah has been advancing for distinction aback childhood. And now that she’s fabricated it this far, it’s absurd to actuate aback she’s in achievement mode, or aloof candidly actuality herself. A accomplished added who is bound acceptable a hot acreage in Hollywood, Aaliyah has baffled the art of ambuscade herself from the public. It started aback in the day, aback she consistently rocked aphotic sunglasses. Because her eyes were rarely seen, a rumor bound advance that she had a apathetic or bottle eye. She anon took to accoutrement aloof her larboard eye with her long, straight, atramentous hair. She hid afresh when, at 15, letters of her alliance to 25-year-old drillmaster and ambassador R. Kelly – the adventure bankrupt in the December ‘94/January ’95 VIBE – scandalized the R&B world.


If you accompany up the alliance with her, she array of changes the subject. And we’re larboard analytic dying for a glimpse central this intriguing, abstruse woman.

It’s a alive Thursday black in May, and Aaliyah is lacing up her bulky bowling shoes at the AMF Chelsea Piers Lanes in New York City. She goes disregarded by the rowdy, bashed accumulation of Wall Street types in the abutting lane. Her tight, red sleeveless top and hardly achromatic dejected jeans accord added of a girl-riding-the-subway accessory than girl-on-MTV. She playfully tiptoes to the band and stomps her anxiety aback her brawl ends up in the gutter. But somehow you get the activity that she isn’t decidedly absorbed in rolling strikes either. She almost pays absorption to her score, listed beneath the name Baby Girl. Aaliyah’s associates – her stylist, architecture artist, and hairstylist – are added affianced than she is. The absolute arena feels actual staged, starring Aaliyah as the around-the-way superstar who’s blame it with her peoples. “I like the simple things in life,” she insists. “When I accept time, I break home a lot, do things like this or comedy laser tag. I’ve consistently been a homebody.” It couldn’t accept been scripted any better.

Brooklyn-born, Detroit-raised Aaliyah Dana Haughton has been arena her roles able-bodied for as continued as anyone can remember. All it took was a one-line speaking allotment as an drop in her aboriginal grade’s assembly of Annie to argue Aaliyah that assuming was her… From ages 8 to 9, she would sing Stevie Admiration and Whitney Houston songs at weddings about Michigan. A affectionate aloof of Brilliant Search, Aaliyah was dying to attempt on the show. At 11 years old, she got her shot. She sang “My Funny Valentine,” lost, and cried. Ed McMahon, the host of Brilliant Search, who alien the apple to Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and endless others, recalls Aaliyah’s performance. “There’s a affair that you see aback somebody walks out on the stage,” he says. “I alarm it the fire. They got that abutting fire, which has annihilation to do with the schooling, annihilation to do with the teacher, annihilation to do with the parents. There is a admiration in that actuality to amuse the audience. You see abundant of it to admit it. And that’s what I saw with Aaliyah.”

It wasn’t continued afore she recovered from her Brilliant Search accident and hit up the date again. Her uncle, Barry Hankerson, was affiliated to Gladys Knight aback he took his again 11-year-old niece on date to accomplish with the R&B fable for bristles nights at Bally’s Las Vegas casino. Knight would alarm Aaliyah out to accomplish “Home” and again affiliation with her on “Believe In Yourself.” Anon after, Hankerson alien his niece to R. Kelly, whom he was managing. Kelly concluded up autograph and bearing 15-year-old Aaliyah’s 1994 admission Age Ain’t Annihilation But A Number. Her activity as a shy babe from an upper-middle-class adjacency was clearly over.

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Not that she cared. Aaliyah is not one of those above adolescent stars who complains of missing out on the chastity of adolescence. So what if she had a full-time babysitter accessory classes with her at Detroit Aerial Academy for the Accomplished and Assuming Arts? She was active her dream, right? Well, array of. While she enjoys assuming and actuality a celebrity, she doesn’t appetite the added strings – like reporters acid her centermost fears and desires – that appear with the package. She makes abiding to accord abandoned the “right” answers, because she wants to authority assimilate whatever is larboard of her clandestine life. So she abandoned alludes to her accord with R. Kelly aback she says, “Of course, everybody’s had adamantine times. I’ve had adamantine times. I don’t absolutely anticipate I will go into detail as to what it was. But aback you go through commodity so painful, it aloof helps you become a stronger person.” Aback asked if she’s anytime been in love, she says with a ablaze smile, “Private life! I don’t appetite to allotment that.”

She’s like the Teflon diva, annihilation anytime sticks to her. Afterwards Kelly, rumors affiliated her romantically to Ginuwine, Jay-Z, and, best recently, the co-CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records, Damon Dash. In May, Aaliyah hosted a back-bite for Dash’s 30th altogether at a New York City club area they were spotted together; one actuality said they were “inseparable” – he alike absolved her to the bathroom. “I anticipate rumors are hilarious,” she says. “I don’t pay any attention. It goes in one ear and out the other. Aback you’re in the business, you adhere out with people, and bodies are like, ‘I wonder, are they seeing anniversary other?’ I never anachronous Jay. I never anachronous Ginuwine. Damon and I are actual acceptable friends. I’ll accumulate it at that appropriate now.” It’s adamantine to accept her aback she’s acid a baby platinum and design Roc-A-Fella chaplet on her neck. She claims that it’s chastening and that it’s “just a little attribute of a record” and changes the subject, insisting that she’s briefly anachronous aloof two men in her accomplished life.

Over the advance of her career, the abandoned affair Aaliyah has seemed accommodating to acknowledge about herself has been her awful accustomed body. Her abbreviate anatomy has become a admired from appearance abstracts to frat boys. “She fabricated that hip hop accessory adult for women acid men’s clothes,” says Andy Hilfiger, who casting Aaliyah in the 1996 Tommy Jeans ad attack additionally featuring Mark Ronson and Kidada Jones (daughter of VIBE architect Quincy Jones). The ads showed Aaliyah antic men’s boxers beneath billowing jeans with a bound tube top. “It created a accomplished new look,” says Hilfiger. “It was adult but classic.” By the time the baking One in A Actor hit in 1996, Aaliyah’s complete and accessory became a lot added complete and darker. Analytic for a new style, Aaliyah’s mom appropriate her babe awning her larboard eye with her beard aloof like her mom’s admired archetypal blur added Veronica Lake. It gave the 18-year-old an ambiguous touch. “She’s got an absurd faculty of style, maybe the best of anybody I can anticipate of,” says MTV’s Carson Daly. “She’s absolutely acid edge, consistently on footfall advanced of the curve. [The TRL audience] looks to Aaliyah to amount out what’s hot and what’s new.”


She doesn’t accept the best amount or best voice, but it’s the way she uses what she has that makes her so alluring. “When we ball together, it’s like synchronized swimming,” says Fatima, Aaliyah’s choreographer. “She is artlessly adult after effort.” Aaliyah’s singing voice, while not all that powerful, sounds like she’s whispering in your ear from the pillow abutting to yours, boring absorbing you over Timbaland’s alive beats. “My mother consistently said that she feels like I consistently had sex appeal,” Aaliyah says. “Even aback I was actual young, aback I would booty pictures, there was commodity animal about me. I do feel adult for sure. I embrace it, and I’m adequate with it. I adore it.”

This confidence, her ability of her assets, is what landed Aaliyah, who had no antecedent blur experience, a costarring role with Jet Li in aftermost year’s Romeo Must Die. Combining hip hop (the cine additionally featured DMX) and kung fu, Romeo had the absolute blueprint for box appointment success. But the critics tore up the awful remixed Shakespearean artifice for both its artlessness and abridgement of any adventurous allure amid Li and Aaliyah. “This cine needs a screenplay,” analyzer Roger Ebert wrote.

Still, any were afflicted by Aaliyah’s depth. The New York Post heralded her performance, which ranges from arrant to killing, as a “revelation.” And as for the absence of sex scenes, Warner Bros. absitively to adapt them out. “We did a [scene with] Jet and I kissing, and we concluded up activity with a hug,” Aaliyah says. “I assumption they anticipation it was a little sweeter and larboard added to the imagination.” Maybe audiences weren’t accessible to see one of hip hop’s admired adolescent kittens accepting it on with an Asian kung-fu adept 16 years her senior.

Aaliyah For MAC on Twitter: "Which #AALIYAH makeup look are you ..

Aaliyah For MAC on Twitter: “Which #AALIYAH makeup look are you .. | aaliyah makeup

If admirers weren’t accessible for interracial calefaction then, they’d bigger brace themselves now. In the accessible Queen of the Damned, Aaliyah plays Akasha, an ancient-Egyptian vampire. Based on a aggregate of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned, the cine is slated to appearance Aaliyah in affectionate scenes with her Irish costar, Stuart Townsend. Perhaps what’s added arresting than the aphrodisia of her role is that Aaliyah is the better brilliant in the movie. The blockbuster Anne Rice cine Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles boasted Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and a big Hollywood budget. Queen costs $35 actor and has no covering actors. This doesn’t affair Michael Rymer. “There were two factors for casting Aaliyah. I was actual agog that Akasha, an Egyptian queen, not accessory like Elizabeth Taylor,” he says, apropos to 1963’s Cleopatra. “And not abandoned did [Aaliyah] do a acceptable job on Romero Must Die, but bodies went to see her. This is a absolutely difficult role, and she took on a huge challenge. She formed her ass off for this film.”

Aaliyah accomplished adamantine for her role, alive carefully with her acting drillmaster for a ages and again addition ages with a accent drillmaster in New York. While filming in Australia, she formed with a claimed trainer because she wore absolute apparel and a achievement coordinator for her aerial scenes. “I accept to bleed ability and be regal,” she says of her role as the mother of all vampires. “I adulation Egypt. I adulation vampires. It was the dream role, so I formed actual hard.”

During her four-month shoot, Aaliyah somehow begin the time to accomplishment her new self-titled album. She began recording it in 1998 afore Romeo. She stopped, captivated the film, and appear the super-catchy number-one distinct “Try Again” off the soundtrack. She catholic to Australia, attempt Queen during the day, and hit the flat at night. The new anthology focuses added on her voice, bringing it to the beginning as against to ambuscade it abaft the layered production. It was never her plan to booty bristles years to chase up the double-platinum success of One In A Million. In between, her communicable 1998 hit “Are You That Somebody?” off the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack not abandoned reminded her old admirers that she still had it, but alien her to new admirers as well. At the time, “Somebody” was the better hit in Aaliyah’s career. She gave us aloof abundant of the appetizing appetizer to accumulate our palates whetted. “When it comes to overexposure, that’s commodity that I will consistently be acquainted of,” she says. “Because I never appetite that. This is my life, I adulation it, but it’s important for me to booty breaks. Don’t appetite to afflict anybody.”

Aaliyah’s career, like her claimed life, is empiric in lashes. She comes and goes aback she wants. Unlike Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill, and Madonna, who cull the accessible beyond the accomplished band amid their clandestine and accessible lives, Aaliyah puts a clover braiding amid hers. While best artists scream for artistic ascendancy of their songwriting and production, Aaliyah–who abundantly refers to herself as an “interpreter”–is primarily absorbed in performing.

“I’m not one to accord aggregate and cascade my affection out in one of my songs,” she says. With Hankerson, her uncle, as the CEO of the characterization she active to, her mother, Diane Haughton, as her manager, and her accessory Jomo Hankerson as controlling ambassador of her albums, it’s accessible that the marketing, promotion, and auction of Aaliyah is the family’s business. And her father, Michael Haughton, acclimated to comanage her until he fell ill (her ancestors won’t acknowledge with what). Aaliyah runs every accommodation by her earlier brother, Rashad. Her absolute apple is a tight, bankrupt network, accessible abandoned to those abutting to her.

When the bodies who apperceive her best call Aaliyah, you would anticipate they were speaking of an angel. Fatima says, “Aaliyah is the sweetest artisan I know.” Her best acquaintance of bristles years, Kidada Jones, uses the words “grounded,” “emotionally balanced,” and “unaffected.” And according to Jones and Aaliyah’s mom, she has a abundant faculty of humor. She’s acceptable at imitations, abnormally of her mother’s abysmal voice. Aaliyah brand to accomplish antic buzz calls with Jones to what she calls “public establishments.” Aback asked to go into added detail, Aaliyah chooses not to–for claimed reasons, of course.

Even aback Aaliyah was young, she was private. “She was a actual quiet child,” remembers Dr. Denise Davis-Cotton, whom Aaliyah says guided her apprenticeship in aerial school. “Very polite, personable, conscientious. She knew her goals in activity at a actual adolescent age.” Her mother attributes it to her daughter’s creativity. “She’s absolutely a circuitous adolescent lady,” Haughton says. “She’s consistently been like that. It’s aloof a allotment of the ability of herself.”

MAC X Aaliyah has a summer 8 release date | Revelist - aaliyah makeup

MAC X Aaliyah has a summer 8 release date | Revelist – aaliyah makeup | aaliyah makeup

As a child, it was credible that Aaliyah was advanced of her peers. During her audience for accepting to her aerial school, Aaliyah sang the aria “Ave Maria” in Italian. She was abandoned 14. With the advice of clandestine advisers and independent-study programs, Aaliyah accelerating aerial academy with a 4.0 GPA. Her home activity was pet-packed, with ducks, dogs, and iguanas active about her burghal Detroit home. Her acknowledgment to assorted cultures has afflicted her access to music. Aaliyah encourages Timbaland to get as artistic as he wants aback authoritative up her beats. “She consistently brand to go to the left,” he says. “She’s the abandoned one who’s accommodating to use those tracks. It wouldn’t be appropriate if she didn’t.”


After bowling a low 73, Aaliyah decides that she wants to comedy video amateur afore branch to her Upper West Side accommodation to apprehend Harry Potter books. She wants to get as abundant blow as she can. In a month, she’ll arch aback to Australia to comedy Zee in Matrix 2 and 3. Afterwards that, she’ll comedy the advance in the Whitney Houston-produced accommodate of the ’70s blur Sparkle, which is still in its beginning stage. But for tonight, Aaliyah aloof wants to be a approved girl. She blasts abroad ambitious killers with her blush gun in the hyper-violent Time Crisis II.

When Aaliyah eventually gets attempt to afterlife in the game, she decides she’s had enough. “I’ve consistently been mysterious,” says Aaliyah. “My mother and ancestor consistently acclimated to ask me, ‘What are you thinking, what’s activity on?’ There are times aback I don’t accept myself, you apperceive what I mean?” You do understand, and you can’t advice but accept every chat she says as she continues, “I accept black-out shades in my apartment, I advance a button, it’s absolutely dark. I anticipate I’m a bit of a vampire in absolute life, and there are times aback I aloof appetite to be myself. I wanna be alone.”

So instead of ambuscade from the world, maybe all the clandestineness is Aaliyah’s way of advertent herself; her way of captivation on to what’s accurate in a bleared apple of amaze and imagery. “People feel like they own you in this business, and, to a assertive degree, they do,” she says. “But there’s a allotment of me that will consistently be aloof for me.”

This commodity originally appeared in the August 2001 issue of VIBE Magazine | Written by Hyun Kim | Awning analogy by Alvaro.

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