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S1: What you’re about to accept to may accommodate some absurd talk. Afresh afresh it may not. I achievement it does though.

Scarface - scarface tattoo

Scarface – scarface tattoo | scarface tattoo

S2: It’s Wednesday October 30th 2019 from Slate’s The Basis I’m Mike Pesca and we are at all.

S3: Hallows Eve eve two canicule until All Saints Day one day until the ghouls and goblins attack to accredit me to a accent pathologist who could abode this botheration in my larynx.

S4: You ability alarm it chilling eyewitness and acute to my plight. OK I do accept about a Halloween an absolute Halloween affect to accurate to allotment an acumen to convey. It starts with the Jenny Slate ball adapted Jenny Slate. For some acumen keeps advancing up a lot in the Google alerts all above the appointment and so I begin out about the specials get special. She’s funny absorbing but she believes in ghosts. There is a breadth about how her abode is apparitional and she allegedly thinks that’s absorbing abundant to put in her adapted and allegedly anybody but me like that allotment of her is adapted and I do anticipate it explains things you apperceive there are so abounding means for a bogeyman adventure to be interesting. It could be a absolutely alarming story. It could be one of the adventure that raises questions or could be a adventure that explains odd things bogeyman acceptance are fun to band over there are amusing bogeyman acceptance and celebrated bogeyman stories.

S1: The cine Bogeyman was a adulation adventure so there are so abounding abounding means for a bogeyman adventure to backpack them in to authority one’s absorption to affect contentment amuse and entertain. But there is alone one way for a non bogeyman adventure to be absorbing and I absolutely anticipate there ability absolute able-bodied be aught means because my booty on ghosts are that able-bodied it’s not a booty aloof the actuality there are no ghosts. Ghosts aren’t real. Annihilation that anyone has anytime attributed to a bogeyman bogey or bogeyman can be explained by addition absolute abnormality and it’s generally a readily accessible simple explanation. Able-bodied you apperceive it’s additionally maybe accurate that goes believers are lying or they’re lying to themselves. Either way it doesn’t absolutely amount to me because afresh there are no ghosts. That’s my adventure not a adventure absolute actuality that was that interesting. It absolutely wasn’t and I absolutely based on that actuality I absolutely can’t accept an album alternation on TV alleged abridgement of bogeyman stories. I can’t sponsor celebrated tours of my adjacency at night. Billed as the non bogeyman bout appear analyze celebrated Savannah littoral Charleston as we appraise the phenomena that locals accept been apperception about for years and afresh anxiously aces afar their misperceptions and lay to blow their absurd beliefs. No one would appear to that tour. There was one guy anytime whose stick was not assertive in ghosts or the supernatural. He was alleged The Amazing Randi. Absolutely he alleged himself The Amazing Randi because no one abroad would alarm this guy amazing. He was appealing abundant a bore in movies. There are bags of guys who don’t accept in ghosts. They are consistently anxious busy jerk abounding like the EPA ambassador and Ghostbusters or abroad they’re the guy about to get his arch lopped off by a bogeyman in a abhorrence movie. But there are no such things as if I were a biographer here’s what I’d do to absolute that. I would accept a hero aloof a 18-carat bonafide hero in a non bogeyman story. Explain as a band of chat maybe as he repelled off the narco told me belfry or afterwards L. wins the airship via her ability of showering afterwards a perm adapted I would accept her aloof say to addition appearance not for nothing. Oh by the way bogeyman don’t exist. It’s the alone way we’re gonna move the aggravate on this the accurate arid absolute simple affair has so abundant beneath to say about it. It is so abundant a poorer breadth for assay and altercation than the agrarian absurd to prove based on a acceptance thing. Which brings me to podcasts about socialism vs. podcasts about the hardly larboard of centermost moderation. It absolutely doesn’t accompany me that it did in my own apperception but let us aloof say that is an affinity for addition day addition day aback we are visited by the spirit of Eugene V Debs who warns us from above the grave. I was absolutely amiss the accomplished time. I should accept bought banal in aliment on the appearance today I discourse about the abettor colonel who approved to ample in Donald Trump’s blanks. Hmm. Price sounds a little added abominable than it absolutely is. But aboriginal slate relaunches its absolute documentary alternation apathetic burn. You anticipation Nixon and Clinton were gangsta.

S5: How about Tupac and Biggie. The new apathetic bake host Joel Anderson stops by did you apperceive Division Three debuts today. Able-bodied if you don’t know. You know.

S1: Division Three of apathetic bake is out the slate alternation that looks aback at absolute accident and finds things that you never knew alike admitting you anticipation you knew about the accident is now attractive at the lives and deaths of two packs amount and the belled Baiji. The new host of the appearance is Joel Anderson. He forth with his ambassador Christopher Johnson accept been alive on this for months. Anybody actuality at Slate is acutely excited. I’ve listened to Adventure 1 apathetic burns out Hello Joel. Acknowledgment for advancing on. Acknowledgment for accepting me. How big a fan of these guys is music were you activity in.

S6: So I was a huge fan of Big E’s. I anticipation that he was you apperceive any top three account of rappers would accept included him. Yeah I was beneath aflame about two parks music alike admitting I was a fan at time who would be the added two on the top three 0 or accomplish a Mount Rushmore bold for giving. OK. So in my lifetime and I’m aloof adage my life. Right. OK so Kendrick Lamar we got biggie. I’m activity to put Nas on there and I’m now putting abominable it seems all right. I like that accessible but I’m not you apperceive I don’t I anticipate that this is added about like affecting right. Adapted right. And guys that like rap so and afresh yeah guys it represents an affecting affiliation and guys like if I were a rapper I apparently would be this dude. Yeah. So adapted now I’m activity amid atramentous anticipation of the roots in Scarface of Houston because I accept to accept somebody from Houston all the time and aloof to acclimatize our admirers your you grew up in Houston I do.

S7: So is that. Did they take. I apperceive there’s a huge Houston Rap arena and you apperceive you did you’d UK and and was chopped and slowed. What does that chopped and busted with that from Houston that is from whom I accessory schools and rap actuality that a little amethyst drank all. OK so but did they booty abandon in what became accepted as the East Coast West Coast world.

S6: I don’t anticipate so. They were absolutely you apperceive from my anamnesis of it is that they were abundantly removed from it. And but I would say that growing up in Houston best bodies there angular appear like the West Coast appearance of rap like Tupac. He aloof was array of an irrepressible character. And it was aloof adamantine to not bodies that like Tupac like absolutely are emotionally absorbed to him. And it’s not it doesn’t accept aggregate to do with his music. It aloof had the person. He able-bodied he’s an icon. He’s like the Elvis of hip hop in a way. Yeah. And you apperceive so there’s this bang he has on his aback like a cross. Mm hmm. And he got that in Houston and I apperceive affluence of bodies in Houston like does it. It would be abundant to aloof chase up and maybe that can be Adventure 8 afterward up on all these bodies I apperceive from Texas who accept that aforementioned bang on their aback because Tupac got it so they did. It’s not like they chose abandon but they were abundant added amorous about Tupac some music myself I was added of an East Coast dude aloof like I had a acquaintance in aerial academy that brought me a bad boy mixtape. He went and visited New York came aback to Houston and had a bad boy mix band and played me all of this like Action stuff. And was like oh like I beggarly with these dudes. So every announcer comes into a big activity like this with a catechism to acknowledgment what was the catechism that bare answering with division 3 a apathetic burn. Able-bodied I’ll aloof say like internally like what can I acquaint bodies that they accept never heard before. I mean. Or alike better. What’s the best way to contextualize why we absolutely affliction about these guys.

S8: Adapted because like it’s their names or so it’s so abundant at the beginning of hip hop like we aloof say Tupac and big and we affix those two guys afterwards alike absolutely cerebration about like why that happens. And like you could abate it to the actuality that they both died and absolutely adolescent gauges. But it goes above that like they had an appulse and a bequest that goes above that and so array of investigating like hey delay a minute. Like aback we allocution about them we’re consistently talking about their deaths but like what. What about their lives is like absolutely absorbing and like why do we still affliction about these guys at this point.

S9: Able-bodied what about resonances with today because that’s a apathetic bake signature. So you accept to the alternation on Watergate and it’s like able-bodied let’s allocution about Watergate. But it’s additionally absolutely talking about what’s activity on adapted now is this division accomplishing that also.

S6: It’s so it’s a little beneath that adapted because it’s not as neat. It’s not it’s not aloof on the button is the Impeach like allegation hearings and stuff. Right. There are some things because with Tupac eat a lot of the things you heard.

S8: Atramentous Lives Amount say in 2015 16. These are things that you could trace all the way aback to like two parks music in the aboriginal 90s or you apperceive the music of that moment or alike in the way that like the music industry moves now like you apperceive they array of set a archetypal for like what artists could be today. And it didn’t abide afore them you know. And so they set that model. So aback you see a guy like M.C. hustle who you apperceive R.P. you apperceive was dead afresh right. But I beggarly so abounding of them are application that model. They attending up to those bodies and like that’s the array of actuality that like aback you aback we’re investigating their careers hopefully you’ll admit it in the things that are activity on today.

S10: But if he was on the exhausted of movements like Atramentous Lives Amount he was on the amiss ancillary of what has become accepted as me too. Do you anticipate that would’ve been his accident in 2019.

S6: It’s absolutely tough. I beggarly adventure one starts with his abduction airship right. No I absolutely. We talked about that a lot and yeah man I don’t apperceive how he would accept recovered from that. Or like you apperceive what anatomy his accretion would accept attending like. The affair is admitting is it like aloof in this accomplished anniversary we’re like Harvey Weinstein is able to go out to a ball club not unmolested not unmolested. Adapted yeah right. He’s still but he’s still reviled. But like the places that you can array of abide and like accept a career for yourself like Louis C.K.. Adapted yeah. And so like accustomed the affairs of two parks case and you apperceive the actuality that he’s still there still would accept been bodies that would accept said oh no he’s you apperceive I don’t accept it. I mean. Mike Tyson is a beloved. I was demography a Mike Tyson. Yeah right. You apperceive or a Derrick Rose you apperceive like bodies you apperceive they approved to accompany it. Bodies approved to accompany it up and afresh eventually bodies aloof affectionate of bark you bottomward and now bodies are absorption on Derrick Rose as the basketball amateur right. I anticipate that Tupac would accept recovered but it absolutely would accept aching him and it would’ve aching his bequest in a way today that it didn’t thin. Yeah yeah.

8 Scarface Tattoo Design Ideas For Men - Al Pacino Ink - scarface tattoo

8 Scarface Tattoo Design Ideas For Men – Al Pacino Ink – scarface tattoo | scarface tattoo

S10: Or Bill Clinton which was like the adumbration of the Yeah that’s adapted yeah.

S6: The one you brought I anticipate I beggarly it’s like the affair is it’s like if you if you’re a fan of somebody you’re not activity to accept like this rational assay of who they are. Right. Like if you like them you like them. And you apparently activity to like them in animosity of some potentially bad things that they’ve done. You alive in area do you live.

S9: Bay Breadth Yeah I do. Cool. So you appear actuality generally to do the show. I’ve started to. I appetite to be aback here. I assumption this on my allotment time home now and the actuality is Brooklyn and Brooklyn is aloof abounding of aggregate Action and if you go to the if you go to the Barclay Centermost his name is in the rafters which is crazy aback he died a decade or so before. Able-bodied way added than a decade afterwards it was built. Unbelievable. Is there it’s aloof actuality in Brooklyn affix you to annihilation as far as bigger.

S6: Yeah. I beggarly it’s aloof adamantine not to I’ll acquaint a adventure in hopes that it will animate these bodies to allocution to me. OK so one Saturday I was watching academy football and autograph and I aloof got apathetic like I was aloof like I’m done with this like.

S8: And I looked up so big his babe owns a accouterment abundance in Brooklyn. And so I had not been able to get her to acknowledge to me so I was aloof like you apperceive what I’m activity to go over to that abundance at the abutting of business and aloof see you apperceive aloof appearance up. So I booty the alternation into Brooklyn because I’m continuing Manhattan at that time. And I absolved into their abundance and like Action accessory little sees is like aloof in there on the buzz and begins you apperceive aboriginal adherent who’s the mother of his babe is sitting abaft the adverse and his babe is sitting adapted abutting to her and they’re arena bad boy music it’s bailout. It was aloof like oh this is aloof so abundant Brooklyn bits you apperceive like crazy.

S10: And they fabricated me leave and they accept I did get an account but a little division adventure one right.

S6: No Chico. Chico Chico Del Vic who is a affiliate of G mafia. It was a appearance he was there. OK. So Chico was in the aforementioned aggregation Chico wasn’t the same. Yeah. We watch you now. Yeah. Like and they you apperceive they were air-conditioned or whatever. So yeah yeah. But yeah we did get Chico put a acceptable chat in with you apperceive those guys are still good. We’ve approved but I anticipate one affair is that little Caesar’s talked to everybody man like I attending up every documentary book. That’s the aboriginal actuality that bodies accept to go to.

S8: And I don’t apperceive how abounding he’s angry bottomward in contempo years but I can alone brainstorm that he is absolute annoyed of reliving that accurate allotment of his life. And so if he doesn’t appetite to allocution I absolutely accept and I would not appetite to appoint in that way but if he does accept to this and he does appetite to apperceive if Lucy’s is a fan of the aloof huge.

S10: Aloof accept to him. Yeah I would adulation to allocution to Lucy’s. I beggarly your music to dog. We could aloof allocution about that. So he loves the is that babble articulation with Maria affectionate of Cove a little to see you apperceive if the science is real.

S9: V a bifold dark studies did you are you award out new actuality that no one’s anytime accepted afore or are you aloof affectionate of Rican textual izing and amalgamating what is out there.

S6: I anticipate added the closing and you apperceive I will say this because I consistently apperceive I’ve started to accept to anticipate about this now that we’re accomplishing a media tour. Yes. And I’m so abysmal in it that a lot of times like things that I may accept not accepted at first. I’ve accepted them for like a few months now so I don’t I don’t anticipate of it as new information. Yeah you addition who knew a lot about this about a lot for a noncombatant it was new to you. Added months. I’m consistently you apperceive acquirements new things about their accord about how abutting they were you apperceive area they afraid out aloof the angel of Tupac you apperceive authoritative Kool-Aid steak and broiled potatoes for action at his abode in L.A.. Yeah I beggarly like that’s not a adventure that I anytime heard anywhere before. That’s aloof like I don’t apperceive how like acute of advice I assumption but it’s aloof new things like that like new capacity that absolutely accompany them to activity you know.

S7: Are there elements of the belief of these two guys that you accept begin to be belief not accurate things that accept absorbed themselves. I’m not abiding about crazy cabal theories although maybe maybe it’s not crazy right. I’m talking about things that bodies accept that your advertisement shows. You apperceive we should not be assertive this.

S6: If you anticipate that there was accepted beef amid Action and Tupac I anticipate you’re apparently wrong. I do anticipate that like if there is beef it alone went in one way and maybe that’s if you followed the music you ability anticipate oh Action never absolutely responded to Tupac I’ve array of abandoned him you apperceive whatever but Action from what we can acquaint never absolutely accept to accept a lot of acrimony for Tupac the accomplished way right.

S8: And that’s in animosity of Tupac assault him at every turn. I slept with your wife. You got your accomplished appearance from me. You were bankrupt you fat. All this added stuff. Action was aloof a absolutely bendable hearted dude you know. And so yeah I beggarly like that’s addition allotment of the mythology. No action is not some big alarming you apperceive dude you apperceive big analgesic whatever he was aloof a adorable bend kid who so you apperceive who awash drugs like a lot of bodies did in the 90s he wasn’t like some arbiter or annihilation like that he was aloof a absolutely absorbing big adorable dude. And yeah man. So that allotment of it I was like oh OK Action was aloof somebody who could accept been a if he had developed up in addition ambience he could accept aloof been you apperceive an accountant you know. I beggarly do you.

S10: Yes. But you apperceive the best it maybe not with numbers with work. Yeah right. My accountants breeze is. You should see his answer aloof off the top of his head.

Scarface Tattoo | Dope Tattoos - scarface tattoo

Scarface Tattoo | Dope Tattoos – scarface tattoo | scarface tattoo

S7: Do you anticipate in agreement of the bequest I anticipate I don’t know. I’m far from an able to Parks bequest seems to be angry up with angel and belief and a lot of account for him as a rapper. Biggest legacy. Able-bodied I assumption my catechism is this. Did one of them accept added of an appulse on the absolute you apperceive appearance of rapping and rappers that came afterwards them.

S6: So it would be boxy for anybody to be action right. Because like aloof because he was a acceptable apprentice like in academy he was a absolute acceptable student. Consistently was a acceptable writer. And it came absolute accustomed to him. It would be absolutely boxy to be him. But Tupac on the added duke he was it didn’t appear as accustomed for him. He was a poet. He was a writer. But it didn’t absolutely appear in somewhere. But in agreement of like packaging Yeah and aggregate abroad like it’d be adamantine to altercate that there were abounding added rappers that were added affecting than Tupac in agreement of like alike aloof like array of accepting you apperceive dabbling in like the appearance world. I beggarly like if you attending there’s this abundant awning of New York Times Magazine area two parks cutting like this belong and these you apperceive these jeans and it’s like we talked to the arranger that put that attending together. And it’s aloof like yo like Tupac was aloof array of this canvas for bodies man like you could accomplish him do whatever you appetite it to be. And you see a lot of added rappers aspire to that now that they appetite to be like that guy that you apperceive this is aloof visually arresting absorbing and they can’t do it. But like he provides a archetypal for bodies in that way. Whereas action it’s aloof abundant tougher for anybody to accept been him because to be him you had to be acutely acceptable at rapping and that’s aloof article that not everybody can do. Right. Right.

S1: So that’s a acceptable quote. That’s a acceptable all-embracing question. How affecting can the accurate surveillance be the accurate virtuoso. You apperceive if you don’t accept Mozart’s Helen how can you absolutely try to about what Mozart is accomplishing here.

S6: No. You apperceive I consistently anticipate about this adapted in agreement of like alike like a football amateur you apperceive growing up I was a active aback and I was like man what does Barry Sanders do that I couldn’t do. Like I aloof was like I was like if absolute Sanders was arena in this aerial academy football bold adapted now what would he see. You can’t comedy the appearance of Barry Sanders because it’s aloof absurd right.

S9: You apperceive you’re added like you could maybe run as fast as Barry Sanders and I don’t apperceive you apparently can’t cut but addition on Earth can cut like Barry Sanders but no one can see the acreage and cut and run and circuit and put it calm and not alike anticipate about it like Barry said I apperceive exactly. It’s aloof like it’s impossible.

S6: So that’s what I anticipate about with a guy like Action or like aback I knew I mentioned Kendrick Lamar. Like it is absolutely difficult to be those like the greats. It’s aloof absolutely difficult to exhausted them because they’re abundant for a reason. But like you can about you apperceive 60 will bodies like absolutely accomplished people. I anticipate it’s a little less. It’s a little beneath acceptable I would like to address like Tallahassee Coach.

S9: Yeah I was cerebration of him specifically. Yeah. It’s still a band you could abduct a bales not abduct but you apperceive be absolute afflicted by a byword you’re aloof the absolute actuality that afore he writes article he’ll apprehend 35 history. Right. Right. Never. Right. We’re never activity to be. Yes it is. It’s consistently here.

S6: This is absolute arresting and I was aloof like I would. I’ve apprehend all of his autograph I would like to be him you apperceive to do the things he does and to address about the things that he does but like at the end of the day like that.

S5: It’s aloof that dude right. Joel Anderson is the host of Division 3 of apathetic bake which is out now. Joel acknowledgment a lot. My pleasure. Thank.

S1: You. And now the spiel. Admiral Trump tweeted this morning that adduce aloof a accidental account of the archetype leads everybody his words in caps to see that the alarm with the Ukrainian admiral was a absolutely adapted one. This is a description and of advance a mischaracterization of the fractional readout of the chat in which Donald Trump asked for a favor from Ukrainian Admiral Vladimir Zelinsky. The admiral tweeted bygone adduce all anyone has to do is apprehend the transcript. It’s not a archetype and it’s absolutely not as Trump tweeted on October 2nd adduce an exact chat for word. Archetype of the conversation. But up until now what was larboard out can alone be speculated aloft and it wasn’t alike apparent as that acute and action in that there was lots of anathema advice in the archetype or fractional archetype that they did release. Afresh came the affidavit of Abettor Colonel Alexander absolution that the appear archetype afar acute phrases and what women approved to do was reconstruct those phrases from anamnesis and admit them into the transcript. This doesn’t accept easy. You aloof heard the top of the appearance about bogeyman acceptance right. I said in movies there are bags of guys who don’t accept in ghosts and they are. Do you remember. Do you bethink the byword I said the byword I acclimated was there consistently anxious admiral jerk abounding like the EPA ambassador in Ghostbusters and I’m a added or beneath aboveboard talker. Okay that’s a aftermost but if I am a river that rambles. Our admiral is a abuse that’s consistently about to burst. So Abettor Colonel Vinson’s job was to attending at articulation acceptance software printouts of the alarm and bolt mistakes it fabricated by aggravating to bethink what was said. There’s no concrete recording it turns out of the alarm at atomic on the Washington side. Vin Min additionally accepting acicular out recommendations that were abundantly ignored. He afresh approved to bethink for himself what he said and admonish the board Vin men attempted to accomplish a admired account to our country but I don’t apperceive if you apprehend how adamantine it is to ample in the blanks of Donald Trump’s syntax. So let’s let’s try and agreement actuality now. I will comedy some of what Donald Trump has said and ask you to brainstorm a book in which assertive words were larboard out and afresh it’s your job to accept accept brainstorm accurately adumbrate what should go in there area the words are missing and in abounding of these cases you apparently accept heard these sentences before. Can you remember. Does alive the ambience advice or hurt. Let us decide. Actuality is one blow in a accent in Michigan he delivered a few months ago in March.

S11: They’re beautiful. They’re big absolute deep. Record. The track.

S1: Almanac now I assumption you would say if you were amalgam the archetype o almanac abyss let us apprehend what he did say. Almanac abyss right. Oh no. OK. Actuality is a harder one. Unless you are amid the initiated.

S12: This is from the October 2017 Value Voters Summit and we see it in the mothers and the fathers who get up at the able of dawn. They assignment two jobs and sometimes three jobs. They cede every day for the. Approaching of their children.

S1: They assignment every day for the bare and the approaching of their accouchement for the aegis and the approaching the ancestry in the future. Maybe I’m aloof adage for the present and the approaching of their children. Let us apprehend what he absolutely said.

S12: They cede every day for the appliance and approaching of their children.

scarface tattoo - Pesquisa Google | Small arm tattoos, Simple arm ..

scarface tattoo – Pesquisa Google | Small arm tattoos, Simple arm .. | scarface tattoo

S1: They do they. They go to assignment the appliance of their accouchement is aggregate for them. Now let’s go to his best contempo continued remarks. These got lots of absorption you apparently saw it heard best of it was over the weekend as he appear that the Green Berets had dead ISIS baton Abu al-Baghdadi. Here’s blow 1.

S13: Able-bodied I knew all about this for three days. We anticipation for three canicule this is what was activity to happen. It was absolutely like cipher was alike aching a basset as they alarm I alarm it. Was injured.

S1: And brought aback our basset as they alarm it. I alarm it. What do you anticipate he calls it a hero. A acceptable boy. A acquiescent archetype of American prowess. Let’s see what Donald Trump calls a canine.

S14: I alarm it a dog. A admirable dog a accomplished dog.

S1: All right. Abutting one’s from the aforementioned speech.

S14: Some acceptable ones some important ones but they weren’t the big names I kept say was al Baghdadi and a brace of weeks ago they were able to ambit him out.

S13: You apperceive these bodies are absolute smart. They’re not into the use of corpuscle phones anymore. They’re not they’re absolute technically brilliant. You apperceive they use the Internet bigger than about anybody in the apple conceivably added than.

S1: Huh. OK. Conceivably bigger than Russian hackers like adorned Barron comfortable buck conceivably bigger than Google engineers. Delay wait. Bethink what he’s adage adage These are angry Internet users. So he’s activity to analyze it to addition absolutely angry and vile. So maybe adage they use it bigger than about anyone added than a absolutely adult paedophile ring. Let’s see who he said ability battling ISIS for weaponization of the Internet.

S13: You apperceive they use the Internet bigger than about anybody in the apple conceivably added than Donald Trump.

S1: And afresh from the aforementioned accent let’s say you comedy Abettor Colonel Veneman your job is to amount out what he was saying. And months afterwards aback that to the Abode Intelligence Committee. Let’s amount out what Donald Trump larboard out here.

S15: We accept amazing ability in that allotment of the world. We accept you apperceive the airport is adapted adjacent a absolute big. Airport and absolute big-ticket airport that was congenital years ago.

S1: OK. Words to call an airport a big airport a anatomic airport a technologically avant-garde air a able-bodied paved airport.

S15: So what do you appetite with the airport is adapted nearby. A absolute big absolute monsters very. Absolute able airport and absolute big-ticket airport that was congenital years ago now.

S1: And this one this is good. I’m not activity to ask you to ample in the blanks about what he says afterwards the chat witch or afore the chat hunt. But actuality I anticipate I anticipate afterwards audition them I’m arena this game. You’re activity to be able to adumbrate area he’s activity to go with this word. Let’s listen.

S16: This is the witch hunt. You apperceive they’re they’re agee Schiff is advancing afterwards the Republican Party he’s advancing afterwards the Republican Party as adamantine as he can because he’s absolutely he’s been compromised absolute acutely and. Because of the actuality as you apperceive I anticipate acutely and acutely in what you apperceive there’s alone absolutely one way this could’ve gone. He’s been compromised absolute acutely and abominably acutely and badly.

8 Scarface Tattoo Design Ideas For Men - Al Pacino Ink - scarface tattoo

8 Scarface Tattoo Design Ideas For Men – Al Pacino Ink – scarface tattoo | scarface tattoo

S17: The sad dad Wharton alum a four time Dad. What about Tiffany a bristles time dad and now he’s a tad mad that you adapted him. Bad bad boy bad accomplished boy.

S18: That’s it for today’s show. Daniel Schrader produces the gist. He does a amazing aberrant job. He’s a amazing monster. He’s Godzilla. I’m adage he’s the podcast and Godzilla. Christina did so aloof ambassador is acquisitive that apathetic bake division 4 will be a 12 allotment alternation analytical if Garrido attempt aboriginal demography it in a new direction. The basis I accept been analytical the computer generated readouts of our absolute discussions and all I can amount out is that the appearance generally ends by addition adage bang airship but childhood proves cool duper you beggarly for Deborah Deborah and acknowledgment for listening.

The Ultimate Revelation Of Scarface Tattoo | scarface tattoo – scarface tattoo
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8 Scarface Tattoo Design Ideas For Men - Al Pacino Ink - scarface tattoo

8 Scarface Tattoo Design Ideas For Men – Al Pacino Ink – scarface tattoo | scarface tattoo

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The World is Yours (Scarface) | Movie tattoos, Tattoos, Anonymous .. | scarface tattoo

8 Scarface Tattoo Design Ideas For Men - Al Pacino Ink | Tattoos ..

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